Clean and in great condition. This system comes with the computer and installed Agilent Scan Control software suite, carousel, 5 new chip cassettes and all required cables. We ran this system through several tests and it preformed admirably. The log did show that it had a couple brief autofocus hiccups but this is likely due to the fact that we were using standard microscope slides rather than the appropriate microarray slides. 

The computer system has a full operator's manual and documentation for the system, as well as the Scan Control software. It is running a stable version of WIN2000NT and was running for almost 2 weeks without any issues.

This system is heavy and will require freight shipping. If you are at a commercial address in the lower 48 with dock or forklift available, shipping should be between $200-350.

Manufacturer Description

The Microarray Scanner System is part of the Agilent Technologies gene expression analysis solution. The Microarray Scanner is a sophisticated laser-induced fluorescence scanner designed to read microarrays deposited on standard 1 in × 3 in slides.

The Microarray Scanner measures the fluorescence intensity of labeled sample nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) bound to probe arrays. The Microarray Scanner’s ability to measure fluorescence from two dyes simultaneously facilitates differential gene expression studies. This technology provides for rapid, high-quality, automated, “hands-off” scanning of microarrays.

Each slide is scanned in minutes, and the files are prepared for feature extraction analysis.

The Microarray Scanner provides the following features:

     • Internal bar code reading (and lets you enter external bar codes)
     • Dynamic auto-focus
     • Automatic PMT gain calibration prior to each scan
     • Continuous laser power stabilization
     • Pixel placement error of < 1 pixel
     • 5- or 10-micron pixel size
     • Single scan dynamic range > 104 (maximum non-saturating signal)/(detection limit)
     • Dual scan extended dynamic range (XDR) > 105
     • TIFF image file compression
     • Uniformity specification of less than 5% CV global uniformity The Scan Control software lets you set scan parameters, manage your files, and scan your microarrays.

The Microarray Scanner reads each bar code, incorporating ID information from the Agilent pattern file, or you can use an external reader for non-Agilent slides.