Clean and in good condition as shown in the photographs. Includes lid and fastener as shown. All threads intact. The exterior of the lid shows signs of wear consistent with laboratory use. The inside of the rotor is in excellent condition.

The Beckman Coulter 50-TI Rotor is compatible for Beckman L, L2-50, L3-40/50, L7, L5/L5B/L8/L8M, Optima L/LE and Optima XL.


- Maximum Speed: 50,000 rpm
- Maximum Volume: 162 mL
- Capacity: 12 x 13.5 mL
- Rcf: At r max 226,000 x g
- Tube Angle: 26 degrees
- r max: 80.8 mm
- r av: 59.1
- r min: 37.4
- k factor: 78