Clean and in good condition as shown in the photographs. Includes lid and fastener as shown. All threads intact. 

Comes with 1 additional rotor body and lid (shown in last 2 photos). No fastener for 2nd rotor lid.


For use in instruments classified as A, B, C, D, F (Model L2-50/65 and Model L3-40/50), H, G, (Model L2-65/75B and Models L3-40/50), Q (Model L4). Compatible with L, L2-50, L3-40/50, L4, L7, L5/L5B/L8/L8M, Optima L/LE, S (Optima XL).


- Capacity: 8 x 13.5mL
- Max RPM: 65,000rpm
- Max g: 368,000 x g
- K Factor: 45
- Max Rotor Capactity: 108