Used but in excellent condition. Tested all functions and and works perfectly.
The PS-8R Power Sequencer is needed whenever various kinds of equipment must be powered up or down in groups, rather than all simultaneously. In audio systems, sequenced powering is often necessary to allow turn-on transients from low level amplifiers and processors to settle down before any power amps are turned on, because simultaneous powering would result in a loud, annoying, and potentially destructive “pop” reaching the speakers. And in any large system whose components present an inductive load to the AC line (including electric motors, power supplies, and power amplifiers of all kinds), sequenced powering can avoid excessive inrush currents that cause circuit breakers to trip even though the steady-state currents are not excessive.

Features include:
  • Power-up in three delayed outlet groups
  • Power-down reverses sequence
  • Triple-mode varistor spike and surge suppression
  • RFI / EMI filtering with multi-stage filter
  • Power Status LED’s indicate which outlet groups have power
  • Mains Wiring indicators monitor wiring integrity, show Normal and five kinds of faults
  • Rated 15 amps
  • Remote option allows turn-on and turn-off at a distance simply by connecting a momentary or maintainedcontact switch (and LED if desired)
  • Multiple units may be linked to handle higher currents and/or more than three delay groups
  • Three pairs of switched outlets on rear panel
  • Three unswitched outlets (one front, two rear)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Ten foot heavy duty A.C. cord