Used but in very nice condition. We were unable to test the brake but because it was pulled from a working environment and it's physical condition, it is guaranteed working. The Regulated Current Controller looks to be unused and powered on as expected.

The Magnebrake provides complete control. Complete brake control means managed and regulated braking action to exploit the brake's varied capabilities for superior power transmission. Since Magnebrake action does not involve unstable friction, it provides many new quality advantages. The CBCR series produces a current in the Magneclutch or Magnebrake coil proportional to a 0 to 5V input signal. This is a regulated supply which cancels input voltage fluctuations and provides constant current to the clutch or brake.
  • Max RPM 3600
  • 90 VDC
  • .25 Amps
  • 10 lb/ft