New, sealed in original anti-UV bag and anti-static tubes. These have never been removed from the sealed bag. This case is 750 individual pieces. 100% guaranteed.

Product Specifics:
  • 750 pieces (1 sealed case)
  • M5M4C264AL
  • 24-Pin
  • New, unopened.
  • 6-month hassle free warranty

Manufacturer Description

The Mitsubishi M5M4C264AL is a high speed 262, 144-bit Dual Port Dynamic Memory equipped with a 64K x 4 Dynamic RAM Port and a 256 x 4 Serial Read/Write Port. The use of N-well CMOS Process combined with silicide technology and a single transistor dynamic storage cell provide high circuit density and low power dissipation. The Serial Read/Write Port is connected to an internal 1024-bit Data Register through a 256 x 4 Serial Input/Output Control and is serially read out or written in with a clock rate of up to 33MHz.

All reads and writes are done relative to the RAM Array, thus Data Transfer from the RAM Array to the Data Register is referred to as Read Transfer, while Date Transfer from the Data Register to the RAM Array is referred to as Write Transfer.


Display equipment for personal computer/work station, Frame memory for digital TV/DVD, Videotex, Teletext, Video Printer, High Speed data transmission systems.