Used but in very nice condition as shown in the photographs. Passed all self tests, heated quickly and accurately, and responded to all button presses as expected. We were not able to test this item further since we do not have the software required but due to it's extremely clean condition and it's history, it is guaranteed working.

The optical design of the SpectraMax 340PC384 reader truly mimics a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Each well has its own sample beam and reference detector. The eight-channel system, consisting of eight sample beams and eight reference beams, delivers both superior precision and speed of-reading across the microplate.

The SpectraMax 340PC384 system has a monochromator instead of interference filters. Simply select the absorbance maximum of a sample and let the monochromator tune to that exact wavelength. Or scan up to 384 wells at any time to determine the best assay conditions. The wavelength and scanning ranges are from 340–850 nm in 1 nm increments. This is equivalent to having 511 built-in filters, so the correct wavelength required is always available.

The patented* PathCheck Sensor measures the depth of the liquid in each microplate well. This information can be used to normalize absorbance values to a 1 cm pathlength so they will agree with measurements made in a standard 1 cm cuvette. This feature can also be used to calculate concentrations without a standard curve and expand the dynamic range to 6+ OD. The PathCheck sensor can accurately measure liquid volumes down to 5 µL to test the accuracy and precision of liquid handling devices.