Used but in excellent condition, complete kit.

  • LabView for ARM Microcontrollers v1.1
  • KEIL ULINK2 JTAG Debug and Trace Adapter
  • Luminary Micro LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit

A ULINK debug adapter connects your PC's USB port to your target system (via JTAG or a similar debug interface) and allows you to debug, trace and analyze embedded programs running on the target hardware. All ULINK adapters enable you to:
  • Download programs to your target hardware
  • Examine memory and registers
  • Single-step through programs and insert multiple breakpoints
  • Run programs in real-time
  • Program Flash Memory Connect to a target via JTAG or serial wire modes
  • Debug ARM Cortex-M devices on-the-fly
  • Examine trace information from ARM Cortex-M3/M4/M7 devices
  • Flash Programming + Run-Control
  • Memory + Breakpoint (access while running)
  • Serial Wire Trace capturing up to 1 Mbit/sec (UART mode)
  • 10 MHz JTAG clock speed

Luminary Micro LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit:

Stellaris LM3S8962 Evaluation Kits provide a compact and versatile evaluation platform for Ethernet + CAN enabled Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers. Each board has an In-Circuit Debug Interface (ICDI) that provides hardware debugging functionality not only for the on-board Stellaris devices, but also for any Stellaris microcontroller-based target board. The evaluation kits contain all cables, software, and documentation needed to develop and run applications for Stellaris microcontrollers easily and quickly. Kits feature:
  • LM3S8962 Evaluation Board
  • Stellaris LM3S8962 MCU with fully-integrated 10/100 embedded Ethernet controller
  • OLED graphics display with 128 x 96 pixel resolution
  • User LED, navigation switches, and select pushbuttons
  • Magnetic speaker
  • LM3S8962 I/O available on labeled break-out pads
  • Standard ARM 20-pin JTAG debug connector with input and output modes
  • Standalone CAN device board using Stellaris LM3S2110 microcontroller
  • Ethernet cable, CAN ribbon cable, USB and JTAG cables
  • CD containing evaluation software tools, documentation, quickstart guide, Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library, and example source code