Buy with confidence! This sterilizer is backed by our

Clean and in good working condition. Refurbished and tested through several complete cycles. 

Seals and gasket material have been replaced. Reservoir line purged and cleaned. Solenoids and elements all tested and functioning within factory spec. Temp, timer and cycle controls all respond perfectly and pressure/temp safety feature function as designed. Both temp and pressure gauge functioned accurately.

Interior is in excellent condition. Shelves are slightly calcified but structurally solid. There are some minor paint chips and light stains on the exterior but nothing to effect functionality. 100% guaranteed functional.

Manufacturer Description:

The NAPCO 8100-TD Autoclave is completely portable and does not require plumbing. Continuous pressure purge (CPP) removes cold air pockets for uniform sterilization. After loading, the unit is fully automatic. A precise sterilization cycle timer starts when sterilization temperature is reached. At cycle end, the unit shuts off automatically and vents down to atmospheric pressure. A drying element removes residual moisture.

Units are equipped with external gauges for temperature and pressure; both are door-mounted for easy visibility. Model 8100-TD is designed for rapid cooldown or slow cooldown of liquids. For safety, this autoclave includes both over-pressure release and temperature thermostats. The door and pressure chamber are made of precision crafted stainless steel; the steel cabinet is finished with a durable epoxy-polyester coating.

Model 8100-TD meets EPA criteria with the slow cooldown feature to prevent liquids from boiling out of their containers. UL listed.

  • Chamber Dimensions: 22.6W x 45.7D cm (9 x 18")
  • Exterior Dimensions: 45.7W x 53.3D x 36.8H cm (18 x 21 x 141/2")
  • Temperature Range: 121 to 132°C (250 to 270°F)
  • Uniformity: ±0.5°C
  • Pressure Range: 15–27 psi (1.0–1.9 bar)
  • Shipping Weight: 59.4 kg (131 lbs.)