Used but in good condition as shown in the photographs. Powers on and we were able to get it to lock onto a signal on both channels as shown. Signal generator is shown for testing only and not included.

The Tektronix 2230 is a portable 100 MHz, dual-channel combination analog / digital storage scope. It features alphanumeric CRT readout of many of the front panel controls. In the digital storage mode, up to three waveform sets (CH 1 and/or CH 2) may be stored in a save ref. memory and recalled for display at a later time. Specifications Bandwidth 100 MHz (analog) Sampling rate 20 MS/s Record length 1K or 4K samples (single channel), optional 26K
  • Pre/Post-triggering Averaging
  • Dual time base
  • Cursors and readout
  • GPIB option