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Manufacturer Description:

Item Details

  • Victor® FM 300 Medium Capacity Single Gas Calibration Flow meter offers 30 - 100 SCFH flow range for carbon dioxide. Flow meter with 80 PSIG inlet pressure features 1/4" NPT(M) inlet fitting and 5/8"- 18 RH(F) outlet fitting. It is ideal for MIG/TIG welding and cover tube of the flow meter consist of overpressure protection. Flowtube and outer tube of the flow meter are made of impact resistant lexan.


  • Gas flow measurement in SCFH
  • Flowtube and outer tube are made of impact resistant lexan for severe applications
  • Pressure compensated for low surge requirement
  • Cover tube contains overpressure protection
  • MIG/TIG applications


  • Not designed for cylinder use. Do not exceed calibrated inlet pressure.

Product Attributes

Regulator Type» Flowmeter

Gas Service» Carbon Dioxide

Delivery Rate» 30 - 100 scfh

Inlet Connection» 1/4" NPT (Male)"

Workload» Medium Duty

Outlet Connection» 5/8" - 18 (RH Female)"