Vincent Uniblitz Model D880 Shutter Driver
Vincent Uniblitz Model D880 Shutter DriverVincent Uniblitz Model D880 Shutter DriverVincent Uniblitz Model D880 Shutter DriverVincent Uniblitz Model D880 Shutter Driver
Used but in excellent condition. These boards were pulled from a working piece of equipment that was decommissioned due to an upgrade. Guaranteed working.

The D880 is the most advanced drive system available for UNIBLITZ shutter units. Its unique design has proven in test after test to provide shutter systems (specified with an "E" designation) an operational life in excess of 20 million operations.
The versatility of the D880 allows it to operate all apertures in the UNIBLITZ line. Dwell time is only limited to the shutter's mechanical ability and not to the charge of a capacitor. A shutter will now operate at different frequencies without a change in rise time. The user can now take complete advantage of the shutter's <2% repeatability from exposure to exposure, no longer limited by dwell time.
The D880, as with all of our shutter drivers, provides a low voltage output that allow a number of different external triggering methods. This, in addition to the pluggable input/output connector, give the user a distinct advantage when implementing the unit into a specific application. Please read the entire manual carefully before attempting to operate the unit.

  • 20 Million Plus Exposures - Proprietary drive system in conjunction with the "E" designation can provide this life.
  • Compatible with All Apertures - The D880 can be factory adjusted to operate all Vincent shutter apertures with the exception on the VS35.
  • Open Frame Printed Circuit - Small size will allow the unit to be implemented into many space critical OEM applications.
  • Triggering Options - The unit can be triggered from a switch contact closure or an active high, +5VDC, logic signal.
  • DC Power Input - The unit will operate from user supplied +24VDC 1.5A power supply.