Used but clean and in excellent condition. Heavy duty stage mount and 2x Aerotech ALS20010-LT10AS Linear Stage systems. From a working system. Smooth action and the following components:

  • RSF Elektronik MSA 670 Series Linear Encoders - MSA 6700-2
    • System Resolution: Dependent on external interpolation
    • Accuracy Grades: ±3,±5,±10 mm/m 
    • Grading Pitch: 20mm 
    • Max Rated Velocity: 2 m/s
  • Aerotech MT240 Linear Magnet Tracks
    • Magnet track, 243,8mm (9.6 inches) length
  • Aerotech NDrive 10B
  • Cables shown

This was a working system but not all the pieces were available when we picked it up. We will guarantee it functional based on the reputation of the institution we purchased it from, but can't guarantee it complete and turn-key. A couple small dings but primarily in excellent shape. Will be shipped via freight due to weight and sensitivity. 

Manufacturer Description

The ALS20000 was designed to have exceptional velocity
control, low vibration, high accuracy, and excellent
throughput, making it the ideal solution for imaging and
precision inspection applications.

High Performance in a Compact Package
ALS20000 series stages incorporate the highest quality
materials and design elements. The result is a highreliability
linear stage with excellent accuracy, straightness
and flatness performance, and a virtually unlimited, troublefree
service life.

Recognizing the importance of stage stiffness, the
ALS20000 linear bearings are supported by the maximum
cross-section possible while still maintaining an overall low
profile. Outstanding system straightness and flatness are
obtained particularly in XY configurations.

Linear Motor Drive
Unlike other linear motor stage designs that utilize an ironcore
flat motor design, the ALS20000 is driven by a highpower
ironless forcer and U-channel magnet track. This
design is superior in high-performance applications.

Since the BLM is ironless, it is a cog-free design. The lack
of cogging enables extremely tight velocity control as well
as superior contour motion profiles without sacrificing
speed or acceleration.

The magnetic field of the BLM motor is totally selfcontained
within the U-channel design. Most highperformance
applications cannot tolerate the stray magnetic
fields generated by flat motor magnet tracks.

The BLM’s magnet track is composed of opposing rows of
high-power magnets that help to generate high output
forces. This approach eliminates the need for an iron-based
core, which has an inherent magnetic attraction between the
forcer and the magnet track. This attractive force presents
an additional load to the bearings that reduces stage life and

Cable Management System
Extensive R&D has resulted in an optimized cable
management system (CMS) that is designed for millions of
cycles of maintenance-free operation. Designed to provide a
turnkey system for both single- and multi-axis systems,
upper-axis cabling is incorporated into the overall system
CMS. To facilitate integration into the final system, a spare
25-pin D-connector and cabling are included for customer
use. Custom configurations are common and are readily

Full specs at https://www.aerotechgmbh.de/media/1152098/als20000.pdf