Used but in excellent condition. This unit was last calibrated in 2017 and then was mothballed due to an equipment upgrade.

  • The DMA 35N portable density meter measures the density of liquids in g/cm3 or kg/m3 according to the U-tube principle.
  • Samples are filled into the measuring cell using the built-in pipette-style pump or a syringe.
  • A temperature sensor measures the sample temperature right at the measuring cell. The temperature is displayed and can be used internally for automatic temperature compensation of the density reading.
  • Once activated, automatic conversion of density into relative density, density at reference temperature or concentration (H2SO4, API number, °Brix, °BaumÈ, °Plato, % alcohol, etc.) is performed immediately.
  • 1024 measuring results including temperature can be stored in the memory of the DMA 35N. Results can be recalled individually, or transferred to a printer or PC using an infrared/RS 232 interface port (option).