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Clean, fully functional and in excellent condition. These benchtop centrifuges were very recently in service at a well maintained wine production lab before the facility closed its doors. Service contract maintenance and calibration were regularly conducted and the units were well cared for by knowledgeable technicians.

We put the whole lot of them through 2 hours of rigorous testing. Everything performed beautifully at all speed ranges. Timer settings, door controls and displays all functioned perfectly. Controls were easy and intuitive. Motors purred along quietly with no undue chassis vibration. Very capable benchtop centrifuges.

Each unit comes with f241.5P, fixed-angle, 24 slot x 1.5mL rotor + lid and power cord. We are also including a new tube of Spinkote and 4 dozen 1.5mL centrifuge tubes with each centrifuge.

Hassle-free warranty. 

Manufacturer Description

  • Maintenance-free rotor spins up to 14,000 rpm (18,000 x g)
  • Ideal for fast pelleting of DNA, RNA and proteins, and cell virus isolation
  • Fits on crowded bench or in a cold room
  • Quiet operation — < 58 dBa
  • Soft start/stop

Beckman Microfuge 18 – Fast- Powerful g-Force for Fast and Optimal Pelleting

The Beckman Microfuge 18 microcentrifuge is a maintenance free microcentrifuge with an RPM of 14,000 and can generate up to 18,000g. The Beckman Microfuge 18 is ideally suited to DNA, RNA and proteins, and cell virus isolation. The compact design and quiet operation (<58dBa) ensures that the centrifuge can fit into the tightest of workspace environments and is also suitable for use in a cold room.

The Beckman Microfuge 18 features easy to use knobs, easy-read display with interface displays for readings in rpm and force in rcf. The microfuge also features run time options incluing timed mode, hold or pulse.

Speed range:  0-14000 rpm
Set time: 0 to 30 min, continuous run, or pulse (short run)
Dimensions: 9.5″W x 12.6″D x 9.7″H
Weight: 28.7 lbs
Electrical: 120 VAC, 4A

Rotor specs:
Max speed: 14000 rpm (18000 g’s)
Capacity: 24 x 2 ml microtubes