Clean and in excellent condition. We have 3 of these units from a high profile working lab. Hassle-free warranty.


The Opticon™ system will meet your needs for a sensitive, easy-to-use, and compact real-time PCR detection system. Some of the DNA Engine Opticon system’s many features include:
  • A DNA Engine® Peltier thermal cycler delivers superior thermal accuracy and well-to-well thermal uniformity
  • A 96-well sample block accepts standard consumables (low-profile 96-well microplates and low-profile 0.2 ml strip tubes)
  • An integrated heated lid permits oil-free cycling
  • Long-lived LEDs excite fluorescent dyes in the 470–505 nm range
  • Sensitive optics detect fluorophores with emission spectra in the 523–543nm range (SYBR Green I, FAM) in the first channel, and 540–700 nm in the second channel
  • Intuitive Opticon Monitor software facilitates experimental setup, run initiation, run monitoring, and data analysis
  • Dual modes of temperature control include calculated control, for maximum speed and accuracy, or block control, for adapting protocols optimized in other cyclers
  • Compact footprint measuring 34 cm wide x 47 cm deep x 60 cm high, allows the Opticon 2 unit to fit comfortably on any lab bench