Used but in excellent condition. Weighed accurately through all modes. 


The Ohaus Adventurer balances are precision weighing instruments, designed to provide years of service with virtually no maintenance. Models are available with capacities from 65 to 4100g. The 65g through 310g balances include a draft shield. Weigh below operation is made possible with a built-in weigh below hook.

The Adventurer balances are constructed with a durable housing, leveling feet, built-in leveling bubble, and a large custom LCD. Control buttons are clearly marked as to their function, with large Tare buttons located on either side of the front panel.

All Adventurer balances are initially factory set to measure in grams and can be set to measure in *kilograms, milligrams, carats, Newtons, pounds, ounces, troy ounces, grains, pennyweight, mommes, mesghals, Hong Kong Taels, Singapore Taels, Taiwan Taels, Ticals, and Parts Counting. Simple three button operation allows for the selection of measuring units, calibration and printing parameters. A standard RS232 interface permits communication to an external printer or computer.


  • Capacity: 65g

  • Readability: 0.1mg

  • Weighing units/modes: g, kg, mg, ct, N, lb, oz, ozt, gn, dwt, momme, mesghal, 3 taels, ticals, Parts Counting 

  • Repeatability: (Std. Dev.) 0.1mg

  •  Linearity: ±0.2mg

  • Tare Range: Full capacity by subtraction 

  • Stabilization Time (seconds): 3 Seconds

  • Sensitivity Drift: 4ppm/°C 

  • Operating Temp Range: 50° to 86° F/10° to 30° C 

  • Power Requirements: 8 - 14.5V 50/60Hz 6VA or 9.5 - 20V 6W 

  • Calibration: External Digital 

  • Display (in/cm): LCD (1.2/3 high) 

  • Pan Size (in/cm): 3.5/9 dia. 

  • Draft shield clearance height above pan (in/cm):  9.3/23.6