New, sealed in original anti-static tubes and stored in the dark packaging. These have never been removed from the storage tubes. We have several in stock. A quantity of one is a single sealed tube of 25 pieces. 100% guaranteed.

  • 25 pieces (1 sealed tube)
  • 10414-DC
  • 16-Pin
  • New, unopened.
  • 6-month hassle free warranty


The F10414 is a 256-bit read/write Random Access
Memory (RAM), organized 256 words by one bit. It is
designed for high-speed scratch pad, control and buffer
storage applications. The device includes full on-chip
address decoding, separate Data input and non-inverting
Data output lines, as well as three active-lOW Chip
Select lines.

• Address Access Time -10 ns Max
• Chip Select Access Time - 6.0 ns Max
• Open-emitter Output for Easy Memory Expansion
• Power Dissipation -1.8 mW/Bit Typ
• Power Dissipation Decreases with increasing Temperature

Pin Names

WE: Write Enable Input (Active lOW)
CS1, CS2, CS3: Chip Select Inputs (Active lOW)
Ao-A?: Address Inputs
D: Data Input
o: Data Output