Used but clean as shown. Untested but pulled from a working system. Guaranteed not DOA. We have three units in identical condition, your price is for one.

The MEGA-ONE LA is a pneumatically -actuated diaphragm valve for ultra-pure, flammable, or toxic fluids lines for all types of of semiconductor equipment and facilities. The direct diaphragm construction makes the MEGA-ONE LA an industry standard valve with superior sealing performance, remarkable durability and compactness, while being particle-free and dead-space free.

  • Normally Closed
  • O.P. 3.5~7kgf/cm_G
  • 6.25mm (1/4") Nominal Diameter
  • 1MPa (145 psi) Maximum Operating Pressure
  • -10~80 C (14~176 F) Fluid Temperature Range
  • 0.34~0.49 MPa (48~70 psi) Actuation Pressure