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Clean, from working system. These include optional push-to-connect single input and dual output fittings. We included both the 2-way and 3-way versions of the MB12 CSC models in the title because frankly, we cannot figure out whether these are the 2-way or 3-way type. Please check the images carefully and if you have any questions that might help you figure out which these are, please ask before bidding.

Dyna-Coil valves are used when you need to convert an electrical signal into a flow of air. 2-way models allow air to flow through the valve when energized. 3-way models allow air to flow through the valve when energized and exhaust when de-energized. Normally closed means inlet air is blocked until the valve is energized. Normally open means inlet air flows through the valve and is blocked when energized.

Media: Air / Max temperature 185 F
Pressure: Vacuum to 120 PSI
Orifice: 0.038
Conduit: 1/2 NPS
Response: 20-30 ms
Base: Aluminum
Mounting Holes(2): 8-32 UNC-2B threads
Lubrication: None Required
Filtration: 40 Micron Minimum