Used but clean and in excellent condition, as shown in photos. We do not have the equipment or power supply to test this but our physical inspection revealed clean, un-traumatized wiring and no physical issues. Heat dampening systems are all tightly connected. All connecting points are thermal pasted. Copper conduit from the two front mounted wiring panels to the magnet rings is intact and uncompromised.

The Quantum Magnetics Inc sensor unit within the bore is PCB: 35428-000 (REV 1). We are unable to determine its use or functionality. With the heat stress shown in our photos, functionality of this particular component is questionable.

This was pulled from a DOE lab and stored in a climate controlled location.

It weight just over 1000 lbs with pallet and will need to be freight shipped. You can either have your own carrier pick it up or contact us for a freight quote with our carrier. 

Manufacturer Description:

The B1 magnet system is a state-of-the-art, precision-wound, air-core electromagnet with ultra high stability and homogeneity. This magnet is intended for NMR/MRI applications. The magnet is unusually compact with a very low diameter-to-height ratio. The homogeneous zone can be adjusted over a large range by adjusting shim currents. The open access enables a variety of applications including medical research, food inspection, and industrial applications.

A variety of shim coils and gradient coils is available, depending on the application needs. The magnet is easy to site, requires no maintenance, refrigeration, or added utilities. The magnet power dissipates less than 600 watts, and is compatible with most academic labs or industrial sites. It occupies a relatively small footprint and, unlike permanent magnets, the B1 magnet can be shut down at any time for safety reasons. It is also relatively inexpensive and lightweight compared to iron core or permanent magnets. The key feature of this magnet is its low profile, which is unattainable by competing technologies.


  • Accessible Bore: 5.25 in. diameter by 2.3 in. high
  • Stability: 10 PPM/HR
  • Homogeneity:  Less than 25 ppm in 1 cm sphere (adjustable)
  • Proton Frequency:  1 MHz nominal (adjustable)
  • Weight:  1000 LBS
  • Size:  34 in. by 34 in. by 40 in. high
  • Field: 0.025 T
  • Current: 1.57 A
  • Voltage: 230 V(DC)
  • Magnet Temperature: 23 C above ambient
  • Stabilization Time: 12 hrs. (air cooled)