Used but in immaculate condition. Little to no sign of acutal use. Tested and works perfectly. 
Complete set as shown. Tested under load with an EC4000P programmeable power supply. 
100% guaranteed

Novex Quickpoint Electrophoresis Cell - Rapid Nucleic Acid Separation System EI9700 

Novex Quickpoint®  (from Invitrogen) is a fast and easy acrylamide gel electrophoresis system for separating nucleic acids. It can be used in many applications in place of large sequencing gels such as in RNase protection (RPA), differential display and phage display. The system can also be used to run sequencing reactions where short DNA read lengths (60-80bp) may be sufficient, such as in site directed mutagenesis.

Max Voltage: 1500 VDC
Max Power: 75 W