Used. Powered on and passed all self tests. 2 Fibre Channel ports indicate an unknown error.

The QS8A switch is an 8-way standalone QsNetII switch which can connect up to 8 servers with PCI-X IO slots, using Quadrics QM500 PCI-X Host Adaptors. The internal switch architecture is a full crosspoint switch.

  • 2U enclosure
  • 8 Fibre channel ports
  • Full duplex 10 bit, 1.3 Gbaud Quadrics QsNet II Link.
  • Single stage 7.0.2 GBytes

In common with all QsNetII switches, the QS8A has a built-in control and diagnostics processor which is accessed over a dedicated Ethernet port. Systems built from QS8A switches use exactly the same system and user level software as other member of the QsNetII product family so that the software environment remains the same scaling from an 8 way development system to a large production system. QsNetII is supported under Linux for the Intel Xeon and Itanium processor families and the AMD Opteron architecture.