Novadaq Technologies Luna LU3000 Fluorescence Angiography Angio Lab

Clean and in good working condition. This came from a premiere US research facility and appears to have been well maintained.

We gave it a good once over and tested all components. Everything performed well. We ran a couple photo and recording tests. Lasers and imaging system all functioned as designed.

We did not inject our photo subject with the fluorescence imaging agent required to get actual results from the system but even without, the vascular visibilty was notable.

Printer worked fine as did both the ProArt and touchscreen monitor. Backup batteries will need to be replaced but the system runs without them on 120V AC.

This unit comes as shown with the following components:
    •LU3000 System, including functioning computer system with the Spy Comparative and Luna software installed.
    •Asus ProArt Monitor
    •Elo Touchscreen Monitor
    •Samsung CLP-365 Full Color Laser Printer

This unit was rebranded and updated as the Stryker SPY Elite System. The description below is from the Stryker system 

Manufacturer Description

Fluorescence imaging system

SPY Elite Fluorescence Imaging enables surgeons performing open procedures, such as breast and other reconstruction, gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic surgery, to visualize microvascular blood flow and perfusion in tissue intraoperatively.

Assess perfusion when it matters most  

  • Intraoperative perfusion assessment: Allows surgeons to visualize perfusion intraoperatively and in real-time

  • Repeatable technique: Involves no ionizing radiation and utilizes a fluorescence imaging agent (indocyanine green) with a very short half-life, thus allowing surgeons to repeat intraoperative perfusion assessment numerous times throughout the procedure1

  • Clinical outcomes: Enhances the surgeon’s ability to assess perfusion, which may improve patient outcomes.