Clean and well maintained. Ran this incubator through a week's worth of continous testing starting with the Contra-Con 90°C decon and then moving to the auto-start. Heating and moisture production were excellent. CO2 sensor and solenoid was tested after the incubator was listed and functions as designed. The O2 function seems to be intermittent however. Seems like the sensor may be failing.

We gave it a good once over and tested all components. Everything performed well with temp matching our traceable and almost no fluxuation. Menu operation via the touch screen were easy and intuitive and the display was bright and clear. 
All doors and latches operate smoothly. Inner glass door set is clean and interior is in good condition. The only other issue we ran into was the audible buzzer, which did not sound despite alerts being displayed on screen. All sensors other than O2 appear to be registering correctly (door, CO2, fill water etc). We were unsure if the lacking buzzer was an adjustment made at the lab, perhaps a setting we missed, or just a faulty alarm unit.

The interior is obviously less polished looking than our usual stainless surface units. We did not go beyond a light surface cleaning on the copper as the manual suggested that the oxidation was part of the antimicrobial function:
"When exposed to heat and humid air, the copper material of the interior container will oxidize. This results
in a discoloration of the copper components during the test run for checking the device functions. Do not
remove the oxide layer during routine cleaning as the antimicrobial effect of the copper material is based
on it".

This unit comes with power cord and 3 shelves as shown and is outfitted for CO2 and O2 (O2 sensor set: C8N-795).

Hassle-free warranty.

Manufacturer Description

**FDA Class II Medical Device for IVF**
Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ 150i  & 240i (medical device) CO2 incubators with non-corrosive stainless steel or 100% copper interior chambers provide the ideal in vitro environment. Clean, reliable and easy to use, they protect valuable samples while optimizing cell growth with fast recovery characteristics and convenient touchscreen user interface.

Thermo Scientific Heracell i CO2 incubators feature innovative ContraCon moist heat decontamination technology that ensures worry-free cleaning and operation. These incubators are designed to provide optimal growth conditions and deliver superior parameter recovery rates.

Direct heat chamber

  • 150L (5.3 cu. ft.) 100% solid copper chamber with compact footprint, easily stackable
  • Standard left hand door swing, field reversible by qualified service support
  • Minimal, easy-to-clean assembly with smooth inner chamber and rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • In-chamber fan gently distributes conditioned, humidified air throughout the chamber ensuring homogeneous conditions

In situ sensors and probes designed for precise monitoring

  • Choice of TC (thermal conductivity) CO2 sensor for long, reliable operation or IR (infrared) CO2 sensor for monitoring when humidity and temperature are less predictable
  • Dual temperature probes with over temperature protection

Rapid response humidity reservoir

  • Directly heated water reservoir designed to provide stable, high relative humidity, preventing culture desiccation
  • Pan-less system provides recovery rates up to 5X faster than traditional water pans
  • Water level sensor indicates when a refill is needed

ContraCon 90°C moist heat disinfection cycle

  • On-demand cycle simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need to separately autoclave components
  • Operation is push-button simple and does not require removal of sensors or other components
  • Independently validated to eliminate a wide range contaminants including bacteria, molds, fungal spores, and mycoplasmas

Intuitive, interactive iCAN touchscreen control

  • Bright LED screen allows monitoring of all incubator interactions
  • Provides visibility to changes in culture environment with performance trend graphing, error and usage logs
  • Convenient on-screen user prompts and reminders for easy navigation
  • Selectable languages simplify operation: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian

Wireless Monitoring Solution

Thermo Scientific™ DeviceLink HUB™, our easy-to-install solution, works with the Thermo Fisher Cloud to monitor conditions inside your CO2 incubators. 

  • DeviceLink HUB monitors chamber temperature, gas levels, alarms, and alerts from the incubator data output connection, RS-232 or USB 
  • Alarms and notifications are also sent to the user by email and mobile push notification
  • DeviceLink HUB is an optional accessory for models with the iCAN touchscreen interface
  • DeviceLink HUB is available in the following regions
    • United States and Canada
    • 28 members of the European Union
    • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland


Capacity (English) 5.3 cu. ft.
Data Outputs RS232
Description Single Tri-gas 150L incubator, 5-90%
Capacity (Metric) 150 L
Chamber Material Copper
CO2 Concentration Range 0 to 20%
CO2 Sensor Technology TC Sensor
Lighting LED
O2 Concentration Range Optional 1 to 21% or 5 to 90%
Oxygen Control Optional 1 to 21% or 5 to 90%
Relative Humidity <90% at 37°C
Temperature Range (Metric) Ambient +3°C to 55°C
Type CO2 Incubator
Humidity Source Integrated water reservoir
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 20.9 x 18.5 x 23.9 in. (53 x 47 x 60.7 cm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.8 x 25.1 x 34.1 in. (78.2 x 63.7 x 86.7 cm)
Weight (English) 154 lb.
Electrical Requirements 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Voltage 120 V