British Communications SCA762 Platform Services Card 

PLEASE NOTE: This sale is for the single board in the title only. Pictures or descriptions of other components are only to illustrate the complete system the card was removed from, or describe functionality, and are not included in the purchase.

Clean and in good condition. This board is being parted from a functional working system which was removed from the facility during an upgrade. Before being dismantled, the system powered up, provided green light status on available components. Final 2 photos show the full assembly and status lights when powered.  

All cards stored and shipped in anti-static bags.

Original system came with the following components, most of which are available in our store.
  • 1 x BT Core Platform System ITS P31
    • 2 x 400W Power Supplies
    • 2 x Cisco EZSX88W 8-Port Dual Speed Workgroup Hubs
    • 1 x SCA700 - 16 Line PSTN Signalling Unit Card 
    • 1 x SCA811 - ACC2 Card w/ SCA706RC Daughter 
    • 4 x SCA771 - DLIC4 QSIG23 Cards
    • 1 x SCA762 - Small Platform Services Card 
    • 1 x SCA526 - DSPRM Card 
    • 1 x SCA644 - Digital Routing Card 2 
    • 1 x SCA726 - US13 Card 
    • 2 x SCA709 - DSIC Cards 


BT has been designing, producing and installing the ITS portfolio of trader voice products for over 35 years. The market for trader voice is now moving to the next generation of software and cloud-based solutions, but as this technology is rapidly evolving, many customers are looking for reassurance that they can continue to rely on their ITS systems for the foreseeable future.  BT also recognises that some specific segments of the turret market prefer to choose the specific capability of dedicated TDM platforms versus the more flexible and open approach of SIP-based platforms and BT is committed to continuing to give customers that choice.  As a consequence, BT has taken the unique approach of ensuring that the ITS portfolio will be available and supported for years to come.

Reliable support for the financial trading sector

Developed specifically for the demands of Integrated Trading Systems (ITS) in the financial trading sector, BT delivers a highly reliable range of core switches that support voice distribution and conferencing between the network, private branch exchange (PBX), turrets and other voice systems. As well as managing voice bandwidth, the platform features additional functionality, including voice recording, video streaming, hoot and holler, and intercompany intercom facilities.

Key features

Make your traders faster and more efficient

BT ITS Platform Core delivers the foundation you need for your current and future voice trading requirements. The system includes:

Core Platform and Gateways: Supports voice distribution and conferencing between the network, private branch exchange (PBX), turrets and other voice systems. The Core Platform can:

  • Provide a number of fully digital modules, configurable to meet the needs of any trading floor.
  • Supply a variety of platform options, from single chassis that support modular growth to highly resilient, centralised campus systems that distribute a single system over multiple sites.
  • Deliver up to 27 voice channels and messaging simultaneously to every desk.
  • Support both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP) configurations.
  • Offer the gateways that interface between the core components and communications streams, and support both traditional analogue and digital protocols.

BT ITS Recorder: Provides a reliable voice recording system – a critical tool in today’s heavily regulated market – that can:

  • Capture, index and retrieve caller interactions in front- and back-office environments.
  • Record up to 380 TDM or IP channels, and enable you to easily search and replay conversations recorded across the enterprise.
  • Support ITS, Avaya, Cisco and Nortel systems. Available as a fully integrated service or as a scaled-down version for smaller systems.

Hoot and Holler: Enables users to listen and contribute to a continuous audio call. It can:

  • Support up to 99 different hoots, which can each be delivered to more than 500 speaker users.
  • Enable users to contribute to the call by simply pressing the “talk” button – up to eight users can talk simultaneously.

BT ITS Intercom/Enterprise Intercom: Uses the Netrix turret intercom functionality to:

  • Enable traders to intercom colleagues on the same Core Platform.
  • Unify intercom communications between traders and external counterparts by connecting different Core Platforms and third-party intercom systems.

Detailed description

Configure the system you want

BT ITS Platform Core includes voice switches as well as media servers for intercom, hoot, video communication and voice recording.

Core Platform

Our range of core switches mean you can select the most appropriate model for the size and scale of your operations. Choose from:

Single modular chassis p31: a platform that can fit into a 19-inch cabinet or can be mounted in a BT-supplied floor- or wall-mount enclosure. The chassis:

  • Supports two station cards which, in turn, each support 16 turrets.
  • Facilitates modular growth, enabling you to easily extend platform capacity as required.
  • Provides additional resiliency when connected to another p31 chassis, creating a dual modular chassis.

Dual modular chassis p41: a pre-packaged combination of two single modular chassis p31s, mounted in a tall 19-inch cabinet with space for PCs and network equipment.

Single cabinet system p51: a single 19-inch cabinet that:

  • Delivers all of the switching, conferencing and telecom network connections.
  • Includes a Megalink 3 shelf, with slots for 12 station cards and two hot standby cards, for a total capacity of 192 turrets.
  • Features a second cabinet to house power and PC servers associated with the p51.
  • Enables two p51 platforms to be combined, effectively doubling capacity.

Multi cabinet system p107: a scalable cabinet solution that:

  • Incorporates separate cabinets for telecom network and switch/conferencing and additional cabinets to house power systems, PC servers and network gear.
  • Includes two MegaLink 3 shelves, which each have slots for 12 station cards and two hot standby cards.
  • Enables a further seven p107s to be connected, making the total capacity of an expanded system 3,072 turrets.

Campus deployments: a modern configuration that distributes a single system over multiple sites, and enables you to select the best deployment for your needs, such as housing central equipment at each of your sites or in a data centre away from user buildings.


The gateways interface between the core components and external communications streams and:

  • Are approved for connection to local telecom networks in more than 60 countries.
  • Support traditional analogue private lines as well as a comprehensive range of digital interfaces.

BT ITS Recorder

The BT ITS Recorder is a suite of software applications that:

  • Record conversations held on both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Internet Protocol (IP) lines.
  • Provide an intuitive web interface that enables you to replay conversations from the local or archived store.
  • Deliver a quick and easy search facility that uses comprehensive call-filtering.

BT ITS Intercom/Enterprise Intercom

BT Netrix turrets have a built-in intercom facility that:

  • Enables users to intercom internal colleagues.
  • Provides intercom contact with external parties who are using different ITS platforms and turret systems.
  • Supports up to 254 pre-configured intercom groups.

Hoot and Holler

Hoots are traditional forms of communication that enable users to listen in and contribute to a continuously running audio call at will. It can be hosted on analogue or digital line cards, and for each hoot an external circuit is included in the conference.

Technical specifications

Specifications that inspire confidence

BT ITS Gateways

ITS gateways are the interfaces between the ITS core components and the external communications streams (traditional analogue Private Wires, E1/T1, QSIG, ISDN and SIP).

ITS is approved for connection to local telecom networks in over 60 countries. In addition to a complete suite of analogue interfaces, ITS supports a comprehensive range of digital protocols to both PBX and telecom networks.

Analogue Interfaces

Our analogue interfaces supported fall into two groups:


  • Loop out - Gen in, PSTN - MF Dialling (also used for analogue PBX ports)
  • Loop out - Gen in, PSTN, loop disconnect dialling
  • Loop out - Gen in, PSTN - Private Wire (manual and auto ring down)
  • Gen in - Gen out, manual and auto ring down
  • Loop in - Gen out, manual and auto ring down


  • FWIC (no signalling)

The ITS Analogue Network Module comprises: Analogue Conversion Card (ACC), 16-port PSTN card, 16-port Gen-gen card, 8-port Gen-Loop conversion overlay for Gen-Gen card. Pairs of circuits on the Gen-Gen card can optionally be configured as FWIC. These cards are only compatible with p31 modular chassis and hybrid analogue -digital network shelves on p51 and p107.

Digital Interfaces

The ITS digital network module supports both u-Law and A-Law encoding at 1.5Mb/s (T1) and 2Mb/s (E1).

ITS supports the following signalling protocols over E1:

  • E1 CAS
  • EDSS1 (EuroISDN - with many international variants)
  • QSIG 30-channel
  • Meridian Customer Defined Network -MCDN30

ITS supports the following signalling protocols over T1:

  • T1 CAS
  • QSIG 23-channel
  • Meridian Customer Defined Network - MCDN23
  • INSNet 1500 (Japan)
  • IDA-P (Hong Kong)
  • NI1, NI2 (USA)

ITS currently supports QSIG and DPNSS protocols to a range of PBXs, including those from Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Ericsson and Siemens. It also supports Nortel's proprietary MCDN protocol.

The digital network module comprises one card, DLIC4. The DLIC4 card is only compatible with p31 Modular chassis and hybrid analogue-digital network shelves on p51 and p107.