Used but clean and tested, fully functional. The RTE-111 is a true workhorse in any setting. This unit handled our tests flawlessly, running for several hours at each end of our test extremes; -10°C and 75°C, as shown in photos. Temperature stability was nearly flawless. Calibration was great at median temperatures but we registered between .3-.7°C off from our external thermo at temperature extremes (.7° when lower than -4°C; 1.3° when higher than 70°C). Temp stability was nearly flawless, maintaining <.1°C fluctuation over a 3 hour period on our traceable thermometer.

All controls function as designed.  The safety trip kicked in right on schedule.  The pump runs strongly, moving a significant amount of fluid quickly. The unit is spec'd to achieve temperatures as low as -25°C. We used a glycol blend during our testing that was only capable of getting to -10°C before freezing up.

The stainless surfaces are gorgeous. This unit includes a lid and power cord. Guaranteed not DOA.

General Description

The RTE Series is Thermo NESLAB's all-around performers featuring the highest cooling capacity and pumping capability for the price. Features include seamless stainless steel tanks with rounded comers for easy cleaning, removable front grilles to allow quick access to the condenser, and a powerful force and suction pump to provide the versatility of circulating through a closed system, an open container, or two independent applications.

Thermo NESLAB's RTE Series of Bath/Circulators feature three controller choices to meet your specific needs: Analog, Digital, and Microprocessor. This unit features the digital controller.

Digital: Features remote sensing capabilities and an RS-232 connection for direct computer communication.


Temperature Range -25°C to +150°C
Stability ±0.01°C
Cooling Capacity 500 Watts at 20°C
Pumping Capacity 15 Lpm at 0" head
Heater 800 Watt
Work Area 4.75" x 8" x 6"
Bath Volume 1.9 gallons
Dimensions 25" x 10.31" x 15.87"
Power Requirements 115V, 60Hz, 12Amps