Brand new unit opened to confirm functionality. This was a replacement unit that was never installed. We opened it to verify basic function but other than that, it has never been powered on. Fired up and completed self test before coming to the main screen with a sample tray error (the sample tray was not with the unit). 

UPDATE! Sample tray found and included!

Comes as shown with power cable, software, accessories & tools, tray and manual.

Manufacturer Description

The Sysmex UF-100i is a fully automated urine particle counter that quickly provides accurate and reliable results. It is used to count and identify different types of cells in urine samples, which can help to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, and prostate cancer.

The UF-100i uses flow cytometry technology combined with fluorescent dye and electric resistance to measure the size, shape, and granularity of cells in urine samples. This information is then used to identify the different types of cells present in the sample. The UF-100i can count and identify up to 10 different types of cells, including red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells, bacteria, and casts. All the process from mixing and aspirating of sample to output of analyzed parameters are performed automatically.

Analysis includes quantitative analysis and flagging:

    •Quantitative analysis measures: RBC, WBC, epithelial cells, casts and bacteria count (concentration) in the unit of µL or view field.

    •Flagging marks: Path, CAST (casts containing organized structures),  SRC (small round epithelial cell), YLC (yeast liked fungi cell), X’TAL (crystal), SPERM (spermatozoa) and outputs the flagging          informarion (information of their presence).

The UF-100i is a fast and easy-to-use instrument. It can process up to 100 samples per hour and requires minimal operator intervention. The UF-100i is also equipped with a variety of features that help to ensure accurate and reliable results, including:

  • A built-in quality control system
  • A user-friendly touch screen interface
  • A comprehensive report generation system