Toy2R 2.5" Xmas Classic Qee - Rare Toyer Claus Chase

Toy2R's 2010 Christmas Classic 2.5" Qee collection had a special mystery chase variant...Santa Toyer? Toyer Claus? He never clarified but one thing was sure...When you put a fluffy Santa hat and a Xmas sweater on Toy2r's most fearsome character, even the enigmatic Toyer could get into the holiday spirit.

You know what's better than a rare Toyer Santa Qee? How about the fact that you can get one in its original sealed blind. How's this possible you ask? Let's just say we had a secret santa once upon a time who gave us the last few remaining mystery chases after all the Christmas Classic countertop boxes were filled and sent off from the North Pole. I guess we were REAL good that year. 

Comes with Santa Hat and Key Chain.

    • Condition - Brand new, in sealed blinds
    • Character - Rare Chase Variant "Santa Toyer" from 2010 Christmas Classic Series
    • Production Ratio - Lost to the annels of time

Urban Vinyl, Toy2R, Qee, Munny, Dunny, Kidrobot, DIY