Gorgeous 2022 model year SogeVac SV 40 -65 BI FC single stage, oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.

Ordered for a project, along with an SV65 in May 2022. Only ended up needing the SV65, so other than a quick test fire conducted by the technicians on arrival, this was never used. Still bolted to the pallet along with cable and accessories. 

Hassle-free warranty.

Freight shipping to most of the lower 48 should be under $300 to commercial addresses. For an exact quote, contact us.

We are also selling the 2022 SV65 with low hours. Check our store for an even better deal on that model.

Manufacturer Description

Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are being used in all areas of vacuum engineering.

The SOGEVAC BI and DI pump models are the preferred rotary vane vacuum pumps to generate medium vacuum for analytical applications and offer better ultimate pressure, higher pumping speeds and single phase drives.

Their excellent reliability is a fact and unmatched maintenance free operation durations are granted. Pumping speeds range between 16 and 147 m3 /h.

Top notch engineering and unique oils allow a maintenance free operation for three years on Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometers.

Typical Applications
- Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometers
- Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers
- Electron microscopes
- Turbomolecular pump backing in other research and development applications
- Leak testing
- Refrigerating and air conditioning
- Metallurgy
- Freeze drying

Our Solution
- Up to 24’000 hours maintenance free operation on Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometers
- High pumping speed at low pressures
- Very low noise levels below 61 dB(A) and low vibrations
- Exhaust gas free of oil mist thanks to integrated efficient exhaust filters (oil loss below 1 ppm)
- Single phase wide range drives from 200 to 240 V, ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
- F/C drives with RS 485 interface for preventive maintenance and pump control
- Preventive maintenance possible by reading out pump operating hours or trends
- Pump speed control through RS485 interface
- Pumps are EN/UL 61010-1 certified
- Pumps reach EMC Class B levels
- Smart packaging and handling device for safe set-up at site
- Best reliability on the market

Design Principle
SOGEVAC pumps are oil sealed rotary vane pumps.
The oil carried with the process gas is roughly separated in the oil box before the discharged gas enters the integrated exhaust filters where the fine oil mist is trapped. The thus filtered oil is collected in the oil box and then supplied back to the pump.
The SOGEVAC vacuum pumps distinguish themselves by their very low power consumption, low noise levels and excellent reliability.

Materials used:
Steel, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, FPM (FKM), glass, polyamid 6.6, filter material (polymers, paper), epoxy resin and glass fibre

Compact Design
The pumps have been designed for high efficiency, especially at low pressures. For the SV 16 DI through SV 65 BI FC, the pump and motor use the same shaft. For the SV 120 BI FC the motor is mounted using a coupling housing.

Quiet Operation
SOGEVAC pumps are designed throughout to keep the noise level as low as possible, below 61 dB(A) and provide constant, pleasant and low pitched noise levels. This typically allows a pump operation without expensive noise enclosures.
Universal Use All pumps can be operated on single phase mains 200 to 240 V, ±10 % @ 50/60 Hz.

Anti-Suckback Valve
A valve is built into the intake of the SOGEVAC pumps. During standstill of the pump (for example due to shutting down or a power failure) the valve closes the intake. This prevents the pressure from rising in the connected chamber while the pump is vented at the same time. Any suckback of pump oil into the vacuum system is thus also effectively prevented. This blocking process operates under all operating conditions (below 800 mbar (600 Torr)) and even when the gas ballast valve is open.

Interface Capabilities

- I/O and RS 485 interface.
- Adjustable speed 50 to 100 %
- Predictive maintenance

Environment Protection
The built-in exhaust filter ensures an oil-mist free exhaust gases over the entire range of operating pressures – from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure. The oil loss level at pump exhaust is below 1 ppm.

Supplied Equipment All pumps are delivered with the required quantity of oil, already filled into the pump. Pumps are ready for operation, and in a package making life easy for the field service engineer. Smart unpacking without HSE risks.

Each pump is delivered with convenient tools for easy maintenance:
- Hex key for the oil filling plug
- Oil drain hose